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[Military Clan] #181 Elite Warriors


Author[Military Clan] #181 Elite Warriors
The Elite Warriors are recruiting.

What you need to join Elite Warriors:

• Must be active;
• Must be your main account;
• Must have achieved level 7 or higher with well developed guilds;
• Must have a good attitude and willingness to participate in clan events;
• Be willing to pay the 15k entrance fee;
• Mustn’t belong to another military clan;
• Mustn’t have a shady transfer log;

Some of the beneficits you will find in Elite Warriors:

• Good deals with Smithers and Enchanters in the clan;
• Clan events;
• Good players to do group battles with;
• Good players willing to assist in hunts;
• Help with strategies and stuff;
• Friendly community;

Interesteds to join please contact one of our recruiters.

Any questions feel free to send me a private message.
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Just to let the others know: This topic can only be bumped ONCE in 24hours, sorry for not writting it here before.
An warm welcome to our new members. :)

Have fun.
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This topic can only be bumped ONCE in 24hours
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