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black market guild

Authorblack market guild
this would be a guild that would aquire you to travel to different locations and buy something from the map (mining, machining or production) on the way back caravans will pop up and try to steal the take the item(s) from you. if you make it back you get paid 101 percent of what you paid (like earning a 1 percent commision)
this is already in the game as merc guild quest when u escort caravans and protect them from ambushes.
this is different. enemies will come in the format of caravans or conspiritors. the item would be in the middle of the map and you would have to prevent enemies from getting to it
but a guild is in generality, since mec quest has most of the "quests", gambler's guild has "tavern games" and further more.

if that guild exists, it won't be so popular after all, not being general enough cuz of one quest. it would rather be another nerc quest, not another guild/
i agree +1
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