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Greater enchant uses

AuthorGreater enchant uses
Currently I think that artifacts have very little use and therefore some more opportunities should be put in plce so that theere is a greater incetive to use them. Otherwise they become the sole usage of the very rich.

In my mind enchants are only used for events (which aren't exactly here that much) and for those people who go for hunt records (again not a massive proportion of the population. The other situations where you can use artifacts they are far too expensive compared to the reward. I don't think I have seen people using enchants for thieving or mercenary quests, or even in group battles, certaonly if people do I don't think that they are numerous.

The one other place where the use of some arts could be worthwhile is in CG, and indeed there is privision for this. However, these are hard enough to get normally, without restrictig your field to those with enough enchants (quite a large amount) and this inly for a small increase in CG points.

What I propose therefore is a SMALL relaxation on enchants such that they can be used in all CG and tournies. It would be variable for level and be in the range of 10-20% so that there would be an advantage to using them (obviously) but crucially not so big as to mean everyone has to wera enchants to have a chance. Hopefully this would vary battles up a bit, and get the economy going ecause there would be another option for what to spend gold on that wasn't crazy expensive.
advantage to using them (obviously) but crucially not so big

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