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hunt help


Authorhunt help
lower lvls have no trouble getting help for hunts

but the higher lvls have trouble

my suggestion is, at lvl 8+ allow for other lvls to help with hunts, not to mention some hunts u dont need alot fo help, so someone thats 1 lvl lower would be helpful

now im only talking about +/- 1 lvl

also maybe make the lvl range optional
a big difference between each levels but +1
-1 You can make your friends here and ask them for assistance.
also maybe make the lvl range optional

this is something i have considered many times...

i agree with harddude, but if thy would agree this rule i would say only a lower lvl is able to join
i agree with harddude, but if thy would agree this rule i would say only a lower lvl is able to join

yuh .. only lower levels can join ... :) +1
+1 only lower levels can join . . . =D
+1 great idea
Hi, I suggested it myself too, here's the topic link:

Just think what would happen to hunt records?
Suppose a lvl 5 and 6 heroes make a hunt record and so is done by other lvl heroes, then there would be a lot of mess sorting hunt records; you would first be searching a single lvl and then another lvl with whose hero's assistance the record was made. There would be 15*15*7=1575 pages
Even if it is implemented as +/- 1 lvl then there would be 15*3*7=315 pages
I don't think if anyone would be preferring that :/
for Dev-Sharma: What is the hunt records only counted for the highest level in the hunt? Like if a level 4 got help from a level 5, it would count as a level 5 record.
What were you thinking while writing the above statement?
Just tell me one thing-
You (lvl 5) got a hunt of XX Creatures, asked for assist from a lvl 6 and luckily it was a hunt record. How would you feel your record of lvl 5 being kept in records of lvl 6 in the name of your assistant?
for Dev-Sharma:
That is the reason why you would be able to choose what level your assistant would be. If you really wanted help from a level 6, then it would be added to your personal levels as a joint effort by a level 5+6. Public records it would go directly to level 6.
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Your Highness!
Then please tell me how would you sort those out?
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