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46th survival tournament result


Author46th survival tournament result
I belive you, but I will hope on the best
0.00 where is result?
04:00 all battles are ended
results in 01:00
who said?
for Utochnik:
.ru server had this situation...
... no results.. i wait 1hr yet..
well i waited, seems no result so i am off
nothing i can do about if i would see them now or in 7 houres
The results are available now.
Much more participants than was before update.
for CreatorOfWidows:

ya, 5 out of 7 factions @ lvl 15 have more than 10 players participated, wow!
Yeah GOLD and Sudrab.
Lol . . . Quephalash is totally Amazing . . . !!! =D
Congratulation!!!! Everyone
I got 2nd place
Yeah! I got 3rd place)
congratz to everybody
only the second place...
anyway gratz to all
Woo, 1st place :D Gratz all.
I am first and have 70+k score
1. 190k me
2. 127k))
I am first and have 70+k score
1. 190k me
2. 127k))

Really impressive! I've seen your battle, nice tactics :)
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