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AI Partner in Hunts

AuthorAI Partner in Hunts
We (not all but still.....) have come across situations when we ask for hunt assist but no one joins.
In that case our partner will be an AI hero of random faction, recruiting, talents etc. of the same combat level.
I hope this will provide a lot of help to those who are not online at server high times and all others who often suffer problems with blank assistance.
The hero can be fully or partially AI controlled or may simply controllable by the person who asked for assist

1st of all, make sure you can get your assistant before set. friend list is the best tool you had.

2nd, why the hell you need AI? AI still not smart enough and could ruin your strategy. full control? what's the difference btw fight with twice amount of troops?

3rd, you miss the point why there is a hunt assist function. it is more for social, teamwork, strategy and tactic training. it wasnt there for you to play with twice amount of troops or combination troops from different faction.
friend list is the best tool you had well all people dont have friends here or cant speak proper english. i cant ask anyone on ru why someone couldnt have same problem here, + waiting for people respondes on pm takes ridicilious long. i agree AI would be mostly useless but benefit you get is bigger field:p
for ZALL:
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for konczak:
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oh ) This message only for ZALLthisthatmanvirenpasalkar andkonczak)
you do realise they were voting :O
for merlin36:
quite funny if you consider his nickname...
haha :) good observation stoter :D
well, AI would help alot if they knew how to do proper setups.. i only saw AI of hunts (simply divide to closest to equal amount of numbers each stack), tournaments (random and unpredictable, only in 1 stack each side or less), caravans (auto-setup but divides stacks over from the limit), invaders (which is pretty well set but takes too much space for hunt assist) and others. i am not sure about rebelss since i don't know what happened that time. proper AI needs incredible skills and I am also not sure about that since admins are busy with dwarves.
why don't you see any problems with hunter records here, while you did see them here (post #16):


anyway, -1

and a +1 to post #7...

your problem is finding friends who can assist you. try to address that, in stead of substituting human players for AI.

i feel kinda lame promoting my own idea here, but still... this might be useful to get assistance quicker:


and how about this one?:


or this one?:


or this one?:

https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1904083 (post #3)

but most importantly:


49. Possibility to recruit extra mercenaries for HG and MG combats.

(see also post #30 of https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1906081&page=1 )
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