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Arena Fights

AuthorArena Fights
only a idea that i posted a long time ago

how about introduct a arena?

we can watch a fight of 2 non player armys and can bet who will win ?

arena fights are 4 times every day and we get 20% winnings when we bet right the loosing bets goes to the empire because he finance the arena ( cleaning up personal, food for the gladiators and their equipment)

Greetings sleipnir
+1 but in stead of npc's we bet on real players in an auto-battle... the higher the CL, the better, for watching pleasure :)
comment pls :)
I think the bet should be made before the start of the match so that there wont be any advantage for the person who bets in later period of time.
Hmm I have an Idea .. I agree with the bet .. but to be more fair, the battle should be 1 on 1 ... all AI .. :) they have armies and arts .. :) same CL and same arts .. :)

ya thats good
but it would be much better if the bets are placed before the match starts
-1 but what about faction?
CL5 elf vs CL5 barb!
barb wins
Factions also depend.
for hero10:
that could be compensated with the bet-winning-odds... e.g. 1:2 when you bet on the barb, 1:10 if you bet on the elf...
(i'm not necessarily agreeing with your statement, by the way, but if it would be true, that could be the solution?)

and to defend/explain my post #2 a little bit:
real players in an auto-battle is the same as an all-AI battle
(remember last birthday celebration of .com)
considering the positive response to auto-battles then, i'm sure there would be plenty of 'volunteers' to enter the arena for other players to bet on... (and maybe a small percentage of total bets could go to the winner?)
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