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ap regulations

Authorap regulations
wen making group fights, allow us to set ap requirements

i am sick and tired of saying min ap and then getting a bunch of full arts people joining my fights, i keep losing over and over because of it. it also works the other way too, i have made group fights with full arts then 1-2 people with min arts join and they always end up on my team. anyway the point is, if ur looking for a min ap fight u can set it with out having to worry about pathetic people that can only win by cheating, or if ur looking for full arts fights u dont have to worry about being screwed by the ones that join with min ap

i know for a fact it would not be hard to code
It has been suggested too many times.

Play CG battles, where is a problem?

Also, there is no balance between factions in min ap.

2. Introduce options for arts/no arts combat types. Technical impossibility to join the "wrong" combat type.
closed by Yuri_Gagarin (2011-11-13 17:22:24)
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