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Game update/ ideas

AuthorGame update/ ideas
I just started to play this game, before i was playing Heroes for 8years. I like this game because it is realy similar to Heroes.

So i am lower then 3 lvl and i can post ideas only here.

1. I think it would be nice to increase battle funcion ,,Defence". I suggest to add this:
Easy way- +1defence for defending unit for 1turn
Harder way- +1def for 1st lvl monsters (skelentos), +2def for 2nd lvl monster (zombies) and so on...

Why it is needed? Now ,,Defence" is same as skip unit turn...
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Ideas and suggestions".
Defense increase 30% your unit based defense...
Try to ctrl+left click one of your units that is defending ;) You will see its defence value with the bonus.
Now ,,Defence" is same as skip unit turn...
It is just because your troops have low defence. Raise your level, you'll be able to recruit troops with better def, also don't forget about arts which increase your def.
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