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i have suggestion that -
the troop which we have to protect in a mg should be under our control during the battle .
this has been talked abt b4
there is no use there will be no fun in protecting them if they r in our control.
But some increase in their intelligence would be nice, the shrews for example run directly in front of the ogres to their death.
That is not called fun in my eyes :O
this was nice
That's why we got a mission to protect they, cuz they are dumb! xD

Shews make a wall first turn, enchanted gargules, you cannot make your wall die or he gonna auto sacrifice... Same with magis on necromancer vanguard... Rest of creatures preserve theyselfs...

So i vote -1 because mgs will be so easy, if we control they...
So i vote -1 because mgs will be so easy, if we control they...

It is not possible to say it will be "too" easy, since all changes apply to everyone and therefor everyone has the (dis)advantage the same way.

The matter concerning shrews is, that they have some other intellect guiding them. Compare them with the Farmers that have to be protected, they even stay at their place when they could move out or attack the enemy, why do the Shrews have to act differently?

Not controlling the creatures ourselves, but giving them some realistic behaviour would be nice.
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