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#717 Imperial

Author#717 Imperial
Our clan invites you to join our friendly series.

If you are active in the game and spend a lot of time in the game, we ask that you join the clan.


Requirements to the candidates for entry into the clan :

~~ 5 Combat Level or higher
~~ 2 Laborers Guild or higher
~~ 2 or more hours online per day
~~ the desire to develop clan
~~ willingness to pay tax in the amount of 500*[Combat Level] per month
~~ willingness to pay for the entry of 1000 gold.
~~ the desire to be in a strong battle clan


It is Interesting!

~~ With the December monthly tournaments will be held on the game cards.
~~ With the December monthly tournaments will be held in the format of duels.
~~ In the life of the clan everyone can participate : maybe the recruiter and etc.
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