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#720 The Dawn of the Phoenix


Author#720 The Dawn of the Phoenix
the clan is currently on the rise with 54 members at the moment

No tax ever, and for now at least the joining fee is frozen at 500 gold

joining conditions:

1.Main Account
2.Lvl 5+
3.Obide by game rules

Any breaches of these rules whilst in the clan will mean eviction with no refund.

-- Clan Smiths --

hablaty - 90% for 110% cost (100% if the art is enchanted and is signed by an efl member)
merlin36 - 30% for 30% cost unless repair cost is under 1000 then its free
hallion91 -Repair 60% for 70% cost

join now ! you won't regret it :)
i think we should also make 4 level players in our clan it will also help our to make new members and 4 is just as we are in 5 level i also want to make sure we should stat one policy of illegal transfers in the main account and cheek whether it is their main account or not.
gl merlin, its tough to recruit good active members!
Many active players are already in this clan and waiting some others...

Still recruiting!
thanks guys

@ shivangkapoor

i'm not sure what you mean ? level 4 players can't join clans
Clan Market open for business :D
but how we get to rent stuff to other?
currently there is only the sale part of the market, soon we will be able to rent
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