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#686 The Ultimate Rangers

Author#686 The Ultimate Rangers
Years ago evil forces escaped from a chamber and now conquer the lands of the dead and the palaces of the wizards and have destroyed many other people, there is only one hope, deep in the forests of the elders they have been the guardians for an elite force, all factions have joined to become THE ULTIMATE RANGERS they will stand tall and fight till the end.They need all warriors to unite and destroy theses evil forces.

1.You have to be lvl 5 and over
2.You must follow lordswm rules
3.You must support other members
4.You have to pay 1500 gold
5.You have to be able to speak English

DnA(Demons and Angels Academy)5000 gold only - Jedi-Knight - Leader


Clan Points)))
Peasant-good start(0-40 points)
Mighty Warrior-place as recruiter + 3500gold+amulet of luck(55-75points)
Ranger-7500gold+defender shield(75-100 points)

5 points for 1 recruit
1 point for 500 gold

PvP Tournament (lvl 5-10) Coming soon!!
Entry fee - 800 Gold

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Clan Smith and Enchanters


===== MAX repair by binghuo and hablaty =====

Binghuo: Repair efficiency: 90% (Best)
Clanmate pays 110% of repairing cost.
How to do?
1. find the repair fee here
2. transfer it to binghuo or hablaty, note "repair fee for ?"
3. transfer your art with recall in: 0.01 days, 0 combats and "Allow repair", 1 gold only.
4. Want your arts repaired faster? 10% more for express, and pm me with title "Express .


===== 4*20% Armor Enchanting by binghuo =====
Free, but any tips are appreciated :p
The elements needed:
Fire magic shield (20%): 30 Fire Crystal
Earth magic shield (20%): 30 Meteorite Shard
Air magic shield (20%): 30 Windflower
Water magic shield (20%): 30 Ice Crystal
Decrease attack of charging stack (10%): 30 Moonstone + 30 Abrasive

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
(Clan artifact renting service) :-
Arts rented by Baweja
MH, Gh and shop arts for rent

* half refund for unfought battles
For clan mates 10% discount and time will be extended for clan mates to return the arts
For players of this clan and 'Angels and Demons'clan ->discount of 15%
For discount to be applied tell elf_rogue that you are of this clan

Thief set on rent soon>>>

Baweja also gives arts for rent.
Contact for prices.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
(Clan market)

===== binghuo's market =====
binghuo is buying all elements, resources, and thief art(s).
binghuo is also selling elements, thief arts, enchanted arts, and Estates in Great Capital
PM binghuo to discuss price

Clan Lords
Conna- Elf of Light
****-Dark Elf of Blood
****-Barbarian of Might
****-Wizard of Power
HgaENppeRrY_280-Knight of Holyness
****-Demon of Destruction
****-Necromancer of Magic
Baweja-Elf of Wisdom

These Lords will help you and give support also if you need help with battles

We will also have a representative for each Level
Lv 5 ****
Lv 6 ****
Lv 7 Macaroni
Lv 8 ****
Lv 9 Conna (Elf of Light)
Lv 10 Baweja ( Elf of Wisdom\Recruiter Commander\Co-Leader )
Lv 11 ****
Lv 12 ****
Lv 13 ****
Lv 14 ****
Lv 15 Binghuo,Jedi-Knight


If want to be a recruiter come to me (Conna) or the commander Baweja

Donations for clan treasury will be accepted.
players donating will be recieving Clan Points as follows:
500-1000 gold - 2 CP
1000-2500 - 5CP
2500-5000 - 8CP
5000-10000 - 12 CP
10000 and above - amt of CP will be decided by conna or Baweja

Donations to be sent to Baweja

For any other info contact Baweja
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