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very dirty transfer log
he also sends messages to players asking for 300 gold and never gives any back has gotten 1000's this way and sent a message to my lvl 3 alt asking this is someone collecting a little from lots a players to end up with alot and blows it on roulette it seems like i would like him banned:

have to go through more than one page
i agree
same has hppnd with me
he also asked for 500 gold when i didn't give him the 300
and to add he has a loan he needs to pay back i saw wouldn't surprise me if he's trying to collect to play roulette to get it back
yep he always messages me asking for 300 gold I think we met in a combact

I know thin is off topic but can u tell me how 2 block his messages
this is his multi with a lot small transfers

add them to blacklist but i foregot how
even i got messages from him
not once but thrice. the guy is a pest
how 2 do it how 2 put him on blacklist
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