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Update Favoured enemy!

AuthorUpdate Favoured enemy!
after the new creatures were implemented, he favoured enemy wasnt updated. for example, if you pick rogues for favoured enemy, it doesnt work for termagants
skeletal crossbowmen
lodestone golems
(the new cerberus, forgot what it's called)

and since most of the thief caravans have these new creatures, my rain of arrows is useless. most DE caravans completely replased rogues and some shrews for termagants, but admins forgot (or didnt care) to update them for our favoured enemy
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You could always change faction:P

But +1 that is a main part of the elves faction. I don't think it's fair that other factions still have an updated unique racial ability. Even though i'm not an elf.

yes, this update should be implemented fast
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