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Ok so everyone wants more updates and more things to be added to this site, but in order to update the site currency is greatly needed and as a way to bring in money we need more players,but unfortunately advertisement requires money as well,I propose that we advertise for them. Talk about the site to people you know, post things about it on facebook, basically spread the word about Lords of war and money in any way you can.
we've been doing that ever since this game started up lol. the problem is, we still barely get updates, we bring in new players, but the old players leave because they're bored so the total amount of players stays preety much constant.
they need to bring in the new levels 16 17 for the level 15s to stay and just more tourns etc well different tourns then the midgets :P everyone wants i couldnt care less about and cut about 1000 of the crappy rules lol jail is less strict
Good point @TheMarsh and Hmm that makes sense C-O-D alot of the rules have no point and shouldnt be punished so harshly
closed by BloodAngel21 (2011-12-20 09:06:34)
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