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Hunt record vs zombies


AuthorHunt record vs zombies
for XKnightManX:

He used Spirit link with vampires. Now this option is disabled.
http://www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=75997-that guy.
http://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=210789-ttopic,where he write that he don't see any waves.
So, are we no allowed to talk about .ru everywhere? Can we now also talk in .ru in English everywhere in the forum?
The description of the Battle Dive ability says, "After the dive, this creature will land on a random tile. " I know this is true in HoMM5.

But here, as the battle shows, it's not random at all. For the same target tile, griffins always land on the same spot. This is surprising to me.

it can be done here easily;

Not really. The battle that you showed was possible only because:

1. Liches, apparitions and skeletons all have initiative 10, exactly the same as the hero.
2. The initial initiative order was such that the hero went just before all liches, apparitions and skeletons (and so can pull off that timely Inspire action every time).

You have to be pretty lucky to get that set up.
Technically, this means any knight can hunt unlimited amounts of zombies, which also means his record would not stand for long :P

Let's hope admins don't increase the initiative of neutrals as turns pass by to counter this.
Y tht person is blocked ?
for Baweja:
he asked for loans.
So, are we now allowed to talk about .ru everywhere? Can we now also talk in .ru in English everywhere in the forum?
as I can see, at the end the GMBs are winning, somehow they beat the hero with vamps...however, then it does not display the end screen...
Yeah. Talk some more about the hunt records on .ru. Tell us what they are doing, what they are making, what talents they have and what strategies. Please don't stop talking about .ru and start talking about this server.

So what is the second best hunt record on .ru?
for Arghmage:
difficult to say,but this record is really amazing.
I know only people like Surim who have many achievments.
Its just as insane and Beatiful and He really got Patience.
I would say that talking about .ru should avoided, unless you can learn something from it and see whether it can be applied here.

For example, I just learned the core reason Spirit Link is disabled in Survival. Necro could actually go on forever with it. Very interesting.

Also, I learned that in order to use Battle Dive against zombies infinitely, griffs must have initiative 24 (exactly 4 times the initiative of zombies), no more, no less. Now, I can't read Russians, so I can't see what arts the hero wears to increase his troop initiative by 60%. Obviously we don't have those arts, but it would be nice if someone can tell me what they are.
this is english server not russian?
difficult to say,but this record is really amazing.

Yeah. Really great, what the people can do on the .ru-server with artifacts that only exist on the .ru-server to break hunt-records that can only be made on the .ru-server with game mechanics that did only exisit on the ru-server.

We all need to know more about what the people are doing on the .ru-server. That is a good idea, that we are not limiting ourself on one topic for the .ru-server only.

@Geryon - unfortunatly this could also be learned somewhere else, but we should talk more about the ru-server only.
increase his troop initiative by 60%. Obviously we don't have those arts

Faction 12 14% ini
Thief’s guild 12 12% ini
Aroma of passion 5% ini
2xRing of abdication 10 % ini
Thief mask 3% ini
Tactician war pendant 5% ini
Beastbane armor 4% ini
Beastbane boots 4% ini
Beastbane shield 3% ini

=60% initiative

I know that no one can do this at the moment, but just saying it is possible on com server. All the things needed to get 60% ini are on the server.
I looked on ru.. Here is the stuff they get for new year:

1) the Throne the tournament with two beings - level (normal + + better alternative); 2) Battle of the Old and New, on the hunt; 3) Quests Guild mercenaries to 40% more often; 4) ambushes of thieves is 40% more often; 5) Quest Ranger for 40% more often; 6) Hunt for 40% more often; 7) Recovery up to 40% faster 8) Mana regeneration to 40% faster; 9) skill points obtained in 20%, 10), New Deer, Yash, allowing to move 80% faster (by 90% for the owners of the Dragon) 11) Holiday Tree on the battlefield; 12) New images of players, 13) New Year ale section presents the shop; 14) Holiday potion of oblivion under the drug store; 15) Each hero can pass a gift (an artifact) to another. And to open a gift and know its contents will only be possible after the New Year, 16) Each character of the third level, who visited in these festive days in the game, will receive holiday artifact (1 day). 17) Gift Boxes on the battlefield in PvP battles, bonus which can affect the outcome of the battle. Happy 2012!
sorry,that above was meant for the "Next Event?" topic can someone please delete post 38:)
Thank you for the info. It's good to know that it's possible here. Let's see if we can do it.

The statistic page is not working, so I don't know what the highest TG level we have here. But let's take Jedi-Knight as our best candidate.

Faction 11: 12%
TG 8: 8%
Aroma of passion: 5%
2xRing of Flight: 12%
Thief mask: 3%
Tactician War Pendant: 5%
BB armor: 4%
BB boots: 4%
BB shield: 3%


Close. As far as I can tell, these are the best artifacts for initiative. Can anyone confirm?

But Jedi can probably still do it, with Inspire. Come on Jedi, let's see you hunt a million zombies.
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