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Refilling the Artifact shop...

AuthorRefilling the Artifact shop...
This IDEA is for admins...
I think they can refill the weapons out of stock in the Artifact shop..

This IDEA will be useful to players willing to do CG battles etc,...
rich players will buy it out and raise prices
Admins do refill the artifact shop. They just take a long time to do it :P
Even though you're stressing on the word IDEA, it's not really much of an idea is it? :P I mean, other artifacts have been out of stock and admins refilled them several times before.

rich players will buy it out and raise prices
Sssshh Shuwak ! :P
it was refilled with NY PoO and NY ale
the shud refill it
as it casues very much inconvinience
Pleeease refill :( i need that Mithril longsword. i've survived without PvP for 3 days so far, i dont know how much more i can take of this stupid PvE.. i need that sword :(
need the mithril & rings..
but this is not an idea :P
it must in problems in general*
donno when we'l get the restock!!
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