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New year creatures hunts

AuthorNew year creatures hunts
Dear admins,

it is possible to implement some kind of algorithm to limitate the amount of new year creatures to hunt?
That new year hunt (every year) shouldn't be about how well we control the upcoming new year creature against old one, but about how much of new creatures can we hunt just like any other hunt.
Example: It's insane to get from your ally around 100k dmg, while your troops do 5k maximum, or 1kk dmg (last year) when your troops barely scratch the enemy.
It depends how you look things, either you control the ally who deliver lots % of dmg from the fight and therefore you win the fight or your ally do the job and you (your troops) do almost nothing (in terms of dmg) to get max fsp.

There are several methods to limitate this:
* new year creature number appering as help in your hunt increase very slowly as hunt difficulty increases
* fsp change according to player troops (and hero) damage in the fight (just like vanguards)
* there were limited attempts of fighting the new year creature (ex: 15 times)
* ally creature damage output cannot be higher than 10 times your troops output damage range.
thats the fun... its only for few days.
If you dont want to hunt them just click pass. hunt will appear very quickly these days.P
-1 I love these events and the special ally makes it fun.My max damage is 498,but with the new dragon I've dealt over 2500+,which has enabled me to win.
Ok, if you are so determined to "-1" this, how can you explain my last album picture, when a white hunt is also 3rd best record of that race?!
Should i use a min arts set or full enchant?
And please get me another hunt example when something similar was happened. Thanks.
You get a effin boss creature to help you..I got over 2500 damage with mine..Just use a GH set or something. Don't take the fun out of everybodys holiday just because you don't feel confident with yourself to have a little fun in the game over the holidays..I'm not trying to be mean but a lot of players will quit the game if their holidays are "limited".

Call the damage or the hunts "insane", but it's a special event once a year. Leave it like it is.
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