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Most people have resulted to quitting the game because they are bored. Or they have moved to .ru site. Some people get bored because they are low on gold and they start saving money and they don't fight until workaholic. Instead of having an overflow of multiple characters from one player or overflow of abandoned characters. I say that we have a temporary account.They can't participate in PvP,they can't access market,do GBs,transfer gold. They wouldn't be able to post in forum. You wouldn't have to sign them in your personal info. You couldn't set hunt records.This idea could be improved.It's kinda like the test fight on .ru homepage but you could explore the website and get a feel for having a real account. It wouldn't violate the rules because they can't do anything illegally. Older players could use it if they get bored and newer players could use it to see if hey want to invest their time in the game.
maybe do a test battle with your choice of lv 15 army ^^ that would be fun :)
maybe do a test battle with your choice of lv 15 army

Idk about that
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