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conversation button

Authorconversation button
a button which shows the whole conversation via PM
between players..
it will help..if a player is contacted after long n u forget him :P
n there are other uses of it too.. :D
if u feel its good plz support..
Wouldn't have to search different messages.
I believe there is one already, just click on the message without replying yet and you can see the history.
You could also use the search option to find their name if it doesn't give you enough options. That will give all previous conversations as well.
u can find sum1 from ur letters by name :D rofl really u dont know anythhing about the game...and also u can see all the conversation hystory lol
I have an Idea too .. :)

make the all Inbox PM not to be deleted permanently when we press delete, let them go to trash and we can permanently delete our trash sometime .. :)
1. you get the whole conversation if the player whom you r talking to uses the reply button to reply
he generates a new message you can't find them all together
2. the conversation button must be next to the write message button on a players profile so i see no point in using character search
3. this is just to get the entire conversation you made with that particular player in one click
4 shaman deleted message must also be shown there
+1 +1 +1 +1 I want all the conversation, not just the replies of the specific topic. Plus those replies are not shown past a certain point ...
and i would like to add
if u have no conversation with a player
"start conversation" option must be instead of "show conversation"
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