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changing characters gender

Authorchanging characters gender
This may have been suggested before. If it has i apologize. As title suggests this is about changing the gender of your character. You may wonder how this will be useful and I will tell you. In the present section of the artifact shop there are several arts that only female characters can use.

A few examples are the boots and armor that both give +3% innit. There have been several times where a few more points of initiative could have been helpful, such as Survival tournys and cg battles. In urvival tournies, if you have high innit troops like efk, HH, shrews etc.. you can kill the last troops on a wave and still go before the next wave troops go. When I attempt as elf I usually have 15-17 bonus innit, but would like to have a little more, but since we cant use hunter arts in tourny, presents that give good innit bonus are a good alternative. Unfortunately about 70% of them can only be used be female chars... -_-

So maybe we could change the gender of our chars for a set amount of money, maybe 10-20k? It shouldnt be too high since it is not that big of a change. Let me know what you think. Thanks
It is already possible for a certain amount of diamonds (can't remember how many exactly).
where exactly do you go to see the price of changing?
just found the link: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_sex_change.php
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