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Vulgar name of char

AuthorVulgar name of char
I think vulgar names such as
r nt allowed
whats wrong if you pm him about it its his idea to show his disliking to rapist as he is a demon he thinks all rapist are demons personal opinion please show me a dictionary were that word is a swear
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2012-02-17 19:04:36 // No 3rd party comments allowed in CaA]
good grief.

it is a name, and the reason for my name is none of your business, baweja.

although lwmking has pretty much hit the nail, if not squarely on the head, then pretty damn close.

thanks for your support.
furthermore.. as offensive names go.. how would you care to explain "cuntbubble" as there is a character on here by that name too..

obviously you should explore your lordswm crusade further.
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I will Dont wry
im just starting with u
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2012-02-17 19:07:06 // CaA is not for discussion state your case and let the admins handle it]
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