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53rd survival tournament lvl 9


Author53rd survival tournament lvl 9
no way to pass it in another way....:( nice score!!!...other scores
\mine was 40k++++\
hey something can we get more than 12600exp in tournaments?
like hunt , in hunt we can't get more than 4500exp
am i true?
xerxiswolf, yeap, this is xp limit)
I'm 10 lvl and I in hunt can give max 5 000 xp)
Participants level: 9
Challenge type: Survival
Equipment limitations: Standard (9 minimum AP, shop artifacts only)
Amount of attempts: 5 (1)
Highest score: [Barbarian] 41220
extras: HG points for hitting top 10%
oh ,i think a bad score for barb
Amount of attempts: 5 (1)
Highest score: [Elf] 41306
11. 3 behemoths L, 660 farmers U, 256 skeletal legionnaires R,D
12. 71 vampiric lizards L,U,R,D
oh man that's too bad
closed by Lord xerxiswolf (2012-02-27 23:25:12)
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