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53rd ST Results


Author53rd ST Results

lvl 5 - 3rd ( without even having recruits :P )
I am first again
lvl 3 barb - 2nd )
lvl 3 DE - 4th. :(
3rd place lvl 14 elf
lvl 7 Necromancer First

1. Hoddario _23416
2. Tyneadec _13757
3. GOR69 ____13744
Here is a victory
lvl 4 elfe - 2nd
lvl 5 elfe - 9th))
lvl 11 knights deja vu!
Third level 7 elve, lost fromdiamond upgraders -_-,
First level 8 elves, my first attempt without knowing waves was my best lmao
nice, they sent out rewards pretty fast this time
I will play with dark elf next week. Wait)
18th in ST 52 to 14th in ST 53 ._.
5 place of 47...Dont have time for try more!
Sorry, on my birthday - just one place to the money!
4th place.200 points from 3 place.
lvl 3 -1st
lvl 4 -1st
1st place on lvl 9,elves!Yeah!
5th place i don't know what should i say
have a nice time
Level 13 = 3rd place (third bronze medal in a row)
Level 14 = 5th place
I want to play with DE..
i built DE castle) Thx for friends, who helped me..
Well im closing this topic
GL 2 all fr ST 54
and Gratzz once again fr winning :)
closed by Born_2_Rule (2012-03-01 10:47:15)
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