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Take this game to the next level


AuthorTake this game to the next level
I believe this game has a lot of potential. I wish this game had more of improvements. Also there is no doubt this game can be the best browser games. As of now already the game has good quality of gaming. But this game has more potential than what it is now. I hope the creators would recognize it.
I think everyone agrees (considering the contents of this whole forum section), but what's your suggestion?

You gotta be a bit more specific ;)

Unless... your suggestion is, that the admins should consider our suggestions.. which isn't a bad idea :)
1st suggestion

change thief guild.
Ok I will post one suggestion daily on this thread relating to the improvements. I know how hard it takes for certain developments, but keeping my experience in some factors I provide those suggestions for both improving this game and reaching a wider audience around the world.
My 1st suggestion....

This is for having more players. I would suggest lordswm to have an official blog to make announcements and various other related stuff. Myself and most people with experience say that an official blog is very important. A search engine index-able blog will surely be a gift for lordswm to make more players online. I wish to see online players above 5k (may be more) always. I myself have very much to blog about lordswm officially. I think lordswm team also has many ideas.

All I wish to see this game as the best game online within next year or so. And updating blog = reaches people on search engine = more players. Nobody would ever dream of living this game once they start.

(And I am not a kid making stupid suggestions. I am 18 and does spend whole lot of time on the internet learning and trying stuff).

Tomorrow will be back with another suggestion.
And if any of these have already been there please let me know. I am suggesting what I haven't noticed.
for legend_of_lords:

are you perhaps referring to this section?:


and the official blogs you are talking about, aren't those blogs by (commercial!) game developers who make client based games?
the creators of LordsWM are VERY shy when it comes to giving 'behind the scenes' information. in fact, the biggest complaint you'll find on this forum is that they don't communicate at all with their community, unfortunately...

don't get me wrong here. i don't want to complain, and i don't want to attack the positive vibe, just stating the way it.... seems... (read: is)
Yes. Those announcements and much more like some gaming guides (there are lots of possibility to blog which I cant stress much here). As I see those announcements pages are meant to be just for players. If they happen to blog out to others through announcements and other stuff, surely lordswm will have a lot more audience than it is now. It really doesn't have to be behind the scenes info. There are many stuffs to blog and share that relates to gamers only.
Back again with my second suggestion

Lordswm should socialize. What I mean by this is get on twitter and facebook actively. I found a facebook page which looks official but not sure. And i also saw twitter account but doesn't look like official. It really makes me feel stupid that I cant find lordswm on social networks. This alone determines how much gamers lordswm is loosing. Going public reaches wider audience. I dont know how many other players have joined this game but I joined this game at the beginning when they were paying for advertisements. Lordswm is loosing a lot of good gamers who aren't aware of this game. Every gamer would love to play game like this.

Will be back :)
change thief guild.
consider Nebiros92's request :) but I don't know why because I havent played yet. :)
My third suggestion.....

Begin youtube channel.

Why?????? and What???

Don't forget those golden global ranking of youtube. Youtube stand #3 on the planet today. Google and youtube are the two places where everyone goes first. It also suits for online games. People search youtube for online games and also pc,xbox etc. gameplays. Now starting a youtube channel will be a golden egg even if no results are seen at the beginning.

Now what to include? I dont need to teach lordswm developers about such strategies but here is my easy, simple suggestion.

Tournament videos. What I mean is..... Everyone loves challenges like tournaments. What lordswm can do is upload the best tournament battle video (any one best video or your wish) which surely brings youtube and game lovers to lordswm.

I have a big suggestion for tomorrow. Thats it for today.

add Another Empire to .RU map (for .com players)
add tags on .COM chars and on .RU chars (so game can know difference between them)
add different link for .com players to login (ie: en.heroeswm.ru which will basically use lordswm.com files to present "the game world" to .com players, i hope you understand what im trying to say, basically it will be a proxy with translation)

+bonus: "event": .com players can "invade" .ru players by trying to travel to .ru part of map (and vice versa: .ru players can invade .com players by traveling to their part of map)
like , on border lines we will have setup War Camps, in which players can join in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (?), battles to fend off .ru invaders (and ofc vice versa) and have the option to create counterattack (depending on win/lose ratio ,or maybe depending on lords participating )
lords will have ranks, and will be able to increase it by winning vs invaders
+bonus option: high ranked lords will be "commanders" for counterattack Invasion
++bonus option for "event" = battles will be in X AP, which will be provided by Empire and reward could be X CG points

+bonus: "Empire" tournaments and "World" tournaments , Empire would be for .com and .ru separately and World tournaments for both empires to compete (ie. 1st World Survival tournament - in which both Empires will participate and have a chance to bring glory to their empire & themselves )

+bonus possibility: .com players can ambush .ru players & vice versa on the borders of Empires

from https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1913539&page=10

sorry for double-post
Begin youtube channel.

good idea, dude. +1
you can't make a youtube channel for a game that has no updates , announcements and barely any Admin activity ... (maybe you could for .ru and that would attract english talking people here ...)
yes it doesnt matter about the language. people want some good game and obviously placing a lordswm.com will be understood for english players.
thanks syrian :)
And for today......

Place twitter tweet and facebook like buttons on lordswm

Lordswm can place a tweet button and facebook like button. Who would dare to say that gamers do not exist on the facebook world? Zynga gamers are everywhere. And all the current players are surely on facebook. Zynga gamers also will have gaming friends on facebook. When players of lordswm like the game.... obviously their friends will know through the timeline and visit lordswm to check this game.

And as for the twitter is considered.... twitter is a place for buzz. May be not facebook but many people are on twitter no doubt. A tweet by a player can take this game a next step.

My suggestion is place those buttons on the front page, member's are header or on the sidebar ex: below donate button or something like that.
get new factions,creatures and more events
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