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Mercenary Guild

AuthorMercenary Guild
Provision to see the quest from another location. It will be nice if we could accept or decline from another location.
-1, defeats the purpose of having the guild in a particular location then; if applied across the board for others e.g. hunt guild, etc, nobody would ever need to travel - how do we thieves ambush you then? :)
-1,people are crowded there therefore, wages are low at such locations.
And yes the ambushing part to is much valid.
What would be better is to have both MG offices working independently from each other.

Seeing the quest at YL makes this automatically the quest you get at ST, if you don't decline it at YL - and vice versa.

Having two 'streams' of quests, at the two offices, gives us the option of choosing one of the two available quests (post 1) while stimulating traveling and thus ambushing (posts 2 and 3).
it will be nice if we could get resources like meteorite shard,toadstool every alternate winning battle or once in every 3 winning battles.
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