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Vote for game

AuthorVote for game
i just saw this link
didn't know we have vote system o.o

well if we do then let's use ppl to vote like hmmm idk how much we can vote in Perfect world private server i play there a vote system you can vote every 4 hours from your 3 acounts

well if this can work here it will be great to add to game vote points everytime you vote you get 1 vote point and you use your points to buy potion/art/gold/ whatever things idk if this will be here in this game :o it's kinda of question and sugestion same time :))
you vote with your IP
once per 24h

1st link: http://www.omgspider.com/in.php?game_id=464
2nd link: http://www.omgspider.com/in.php?game_id=464&mini=1&submit=Vote%21

there isn't and there shouldn't be any reward for voting, because it can be severely abused.
top 1 have voting over 24k

We don't even have 1 k players
and our vote is not even .1 k ( ie. not 100 )

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