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insult/mask profane in profile

Authorinsult/mask profane in profile

1.10. The player is not allowed to place any obscenities, filthy photos, drug ads, pornography or insults on other players in their character information page, including photo album. Pornography means uploading images of sexual intercourse and/or primary sexual characters displayed in obvious or easy-to-guess manner. An official clan member's request to remove an image is compulsory and not subject to discussion.
1.10.1. Abbreviations used to insult a player are considered foul language and their usage will be punished. In cases where a two-ways understanding can occur, like masking the foul words with asterisks, the punishment discretion lies on the Administration or Moderators. A request by any member of an official clan to remove such expressions from your in-game communication is compulsory and not subject to discussion.

he say "SonMike : really hate this beach.. "
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