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New Map?

AuthorNew Map?
As you can see in map, there is a Dock in the East Bay.
Maybe we can use the Dock to Travel using Rented Ship to a new map, and quest.

Maybe we could travel to a new outpost of Great Capital?
And research new factions? >_<

Comment well ;)

with so few players the map is already too big !
try asking for assistance in hunts outside yellow lake and seraph's tear and see if anyone would join ! (unless if they're your friends and you've asked them to come there and help you !)
it's a simple math thing
if anything they should make the map smaller !!!
if anything they should make the map smaller !!!
u mean the Pier?
u sure it wasnt there before cause teh word Pier was in production works
i never worked there but i checked teh fonctionning logs that place looks closed down but it a weird fonctionning log its like they attacked the place
+ tonnel event as on the Russian server)
@simbakitty: The pier and lighthouse were built during an event held in December of 2008. We had to kill the dragon guards at Ridge of Hope to get the materials needed to build the two structures.
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