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MG prize

AuthorMG prize
what about when you done MG you choose between amount of gold or amount of xp and fsp :o this gonna be cool we all doing MG for lvling and getting MG guild lvl up but the gold they give it's usless it better to make it xp reward
Definitely a - 1. The gold reward increases as you complete higher level of quests.
im thinkning that i you could substitute gold reward for additional fsp, that would be great, would help a lot of people get caught up in fsp, im thinking that if you divide the gold reward by 1000, that would be how much extra fsp you would recieve. ( 227 gold reward would equal .227 fsp, whereas 95 gold reward would equal .095 fsp.)

Cool Idea .. :) +1
+1 :)

reminds me of those boxes you could find in HoMM, where you could choose between gold or EXP.. not that that's a good argument, but still.... :)
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