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I want you to check my transfer log that i loaned Ayush6 my money and he has also written loan but he is not returning back my money please help me to block him.I will be really glad if you do this.................................................
[Player banned by moderator Yuri_Gagarin until 2012-04-07 13:15:49 // caps lock, long string violation, warning (1 min ban)]
pls if you see loan time is 1 month and still 1 week has not passed check i eturned 5k i took
Hold on! please here i am not talking about someone else he took someone's 5k and returned him 5k but here i talked about myself.......................... he didn't returned my money!!!!!
sorry for 3rd party comment but i wanna say that she is my sister check our ip it's same and she want to see me block because when i told her she do not play good then she became angry. and loan limit is 1 month i will return your loan within 1 month like i returned 5k
he want to take Lizard Cavalry and told me that loan me money so that i can buy that if he is my bro then also he should return all my money back! i dont want to to take revenge but i want justice.
ok i will report again if he do not return within 1 month

-please lock this topic
closed by Queen_Amanda (2012-04-07 19:43:53)
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