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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
And me too :\
lost 2k .. took risk :P
Ohh :o
Omg. Landed 10 3 times. 28 twice and 11 4 times.
roulette gonna crazy xD
Thank God I wasn't allured to play it that time
Or i might have gone crazy :P
I even have a pic to prove it :D
I should build fsl 1 or 2 for now ? as resistance ?
Smaller levels r the best to build faction resistance
Yea. Cheaper cost to build castle.
Start was bad.... but end was awesome
so i should make 2
for Anony-mouse:
Silly necro does not kept mana ! :)
Necro with offense build are much better.. 33 attack is overwhelming
Did you not experience anythning as a lv10 tribal?
as ur end is here
he can tell better
Necro with offence build r awesome
No doubt in that :D
When did comes they r nothing
I find unholy good to play :)
Normal necro has only one problem
Troops die quickly and once lessen they r useless
So I find unholy better or darkness
Then I have bad opinion
coz i played almost all factions
just demon played very less
and necro - none :P
Normal necro has only one problem
Troops die quickly

come on, in what universe do necro die quickly?

Appa are deadly with massive health and attack
cant dare to attack them without retal or unless they hav weakness

everybody stays away from even small stacks of infected zombies because of infected strike.. deadly

330 bowman with vitality are too bulky..
Even tri played roulette now
and now im in 15k profit since i started again :P
and stopped again..
Centaur outriders deal 612 damage to Fiends. 47 perish.
screwed befre thae game even began
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