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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
for Ur_End_Is_Here:
6k to go :D
Yup :D
Gratz :D
1 garg 20hp survive :D
Nice :)
3rd battle against the same defense tribal
victory :D
The trick is to start attacking from the first move itself.. before he/she can collect spirit

Score: 2/3
Commander's guild stats:
The trial: 1/1
Duels: 53/72
Group 2x2: 12/20
Group 3x3: 0/0

Total: 66/93

71% win rate :D
Nice :)
KD, has 67% win rate..
Just realized that 2vs2 stats are worse than 1vs1 for almost every1
KD and I have same duel stats (53/76 ; 53/72)
But he has 67 more 2vs2 than me

This script is nice
Morning guys

for Anony-mouse:
Lol thanks bro, dint know that :p
somebody look at revolutionrebel's CG records *_*
Mind = Blown

Total CG
Victory rate : 92% o.O

Group 2x2: 30/30

He is the best :D
92% win rate o.O
I just scrolled his combat log and what I see ...
Everything is dark red ...
He has never lost .__.
interesting combat will be the ones wherw he is defeated
see mine xD
for Pankaj_Kalra21:
you have lost a total of only 4 CG battles o.O
out of those, 2 were in CG trial :p
16/20... nice score

Survilurgs (Attack): 63/89
Survilurgs (Defense): 243/322
Sentinels of the past: 104/161

Here's the not good part :p
Minor tournament: 3/12
Mixed tournament: 4/14
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