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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Rangers' Guild: 1 (136) +104

The day is close when I'll betray them -.-
There i lost all my gold

but developed a feeling inside

i can level up tpday ! :D
75k loans alive -_-"
You should know when to stop -.-
You should know when to stop -.-

But i bought weapons worth 40k ! :O
Numerous stacks of 'Vampires {11}' are going to attack the '#283 - Sawmill'. We don't know the numbers exactly, but you must strike them and destroy each and every one! Smash them on advance, you have '600' minutes.

13 wave = =

DontTouch got him to his side :P

And i got him as opponent ! :D yay
One guy posted in battle description, hes password.. lvl 10 elf lol :D
lol !
probably stolen account...seems hackers have attacked again to nob players who belive they will recive fair trade with accounts -.-
for PrettyElf:
I won't be able.to reach 700k gold today :(
So u win ^^
Lucky u :P
Hmm :)

Last combat gave me 18k xp ! :D
for Ur_End_Is_Here:
But u can try, my arts are burning down, my palate is down already, soon rings, pedant next, shield cloak.. so with each battle ill become weeker
so i will get less exp, u still have chance :P

In case if i wont winn soon roulette :P
them im doomed :D
for Optimus Prime:
yesterday i got 27k exp in battle :P

damn, setted my army, but forgot press start -.-
ahh >.>
yesterday i got 27k exp in battle :P

wow o.O !

i hope i also get so :P
yeah ! :D

got 25k ~ ! :D

yay, me under 500k exp :D
hmm... use 4 art can won caravan :O
for Ur_End_Is_Here:
want to rob some caravan? :P
These auto battles ! :\
cheat !

when urasary was able to kill wardens
it went for hydras :\
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