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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
in every loss...every lie
Gosh ..finally niranjan bhaiyta is wimme...:P
was bored to hum...:P
lol...i meant to say niranjan *BHAIYA* is wimme...:P
or was that an illusion..???
it was...:(
So i m all alone agn...:'(
ain't i..??
so i must HUM agn...:P
so where was i..??
oh yeah..here..:P
in every loss ...every lie...]
every truth that you'd deny....
and each regret ..each good bye...
was a mistake tooo gr8 to hide.....
n ur voice was all i heard ..that i get what i deserve....:P
so give me reason....:)
Holy crap.

20+ Posts in a row!
True flooder in the house! :o

Now jump off a bridge :)
:O i was still praying :P
mommy's b'dae today...
busy buzy :P
Gratzie :)

Well done stupefy :)
Savings for full arts for CG started....
200K savings as per Jedi's order complete....
Now I need another 200K to buy the arts....
Help Me ! :P
Collected a few resources...
still need about 192K more...
Planning to start bulk trade...
started steel blade bulk trading
time to flood!!
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