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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
hey.. all
howz every body doing??
Not so gud
Flood rate is damn low
I'm broke
No renting orders
sad :) hehehe
tourney in 45 mins
27 mins
Just Beat a DE :D
Holy Knight rocks :D.
17 mins
status: You've taught a lesson to these pitiful creatures, and they won't forget it soon. Here's your reward.

You receive 170 gold
7 mins 2 go

why am i excited . i m not gonna do it
i hate exam times
2 mins to go
and my inventory is full..:(
how am i gonna take arts.?
have a good day and tourney , best of luck
we have tourneys @sunday..
i forgot that too :P
for Born_2_Rule:
nice battle..
but could have been better :)
yeah..u being an expert knight..:P
just cant resist this tourney !
about 2 achieve mg 3
and this is what i get:
status: We didn't even doubt you would do it! This is for you.

You receive 56 gold
dbest.. the only one actually flooding..
what are you all doing??
get your lazy ........ here n start flooding..!!
never saw this much gold in my life..:P
Pathetic score :(
get your lazy ........ here n start flooding..!!
fill in the blanks please
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