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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
u shud always but it when u have the chance...iam not going to change my faction but i still have a few left...
these "rahim ke dohe" are so irritating!!hate studying Hindi in 11th!
hey i remember that!
y r u studying hindi in 11th =.=
in our board, 2nd language is there till 12th!
omg that is just sad...

aah i cant believe i lost in the semi of card tourney!
i hate hindi -.-
i hate rus players that say
"you come here, not us to you"

this is racist and wrong
for KnightSlayer:
You just ignore them.not all russians are like that. If they are being very rude then just report them in forum.
Lost the first round of quick tournament:(
Barb fsl 5 complete
Time for Elf 9
Next will be necro or DE

But as an after thought - from where am I going to get the money ? -.-"
enroll take your time
Real Madrid on a roll
Cant wait for tomorrow night :D
After defeating Barca twice, I think we got this ;)

Here we come Old Trafford !! :D

"Now we face, the monster we created"
-Sir Alex Ferguson for C. Ronaldo <3

Hala Madrid !!
for Poison Ivy:
Thats insulting and funny too :p

sorry for that, actually it is not my words, i just quote two Russians conversation in 2v2
Time to sleep
13 days to go - Then I am back on the field :D
S.St over:)
Feeling relieved!
should I level up now?
Hola guys!! What's new...
My level:)
Less than 8 hours to go :D

La Viva Madrid !!
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