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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
16300 hmm cool post
n o o n e h e r e ?
no one here ?
me floodereeno mode-areeno :p
Good bye dead-guys -_- Y U NO flood XD
bye alive guy - :) .

India wins australia 8)
pff.. gm guys :)

today ind vs sa ! no steyn though :(
i wanna run away...never say good-bye..
^ lol :p
will India win?
going to fight a DU DE
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=540628322 - pure awesomeness 8) i ate 1 barb , 1 knight , 1 elf anll lvl 9

Feeling awesome:D
Bought a new car:D
congz mate big gratz! what car?
XUV 500:)
thanks btw:D
xuv is an awesome car!
Oh still going on
*post of the week*
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