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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Got speed lolly in 4th vault :(
^muahaha :P
54 quests 2 Meteorite shard,1 Viper venom,1 Tiger`s claw,2 Fire crystal, 1 Ice crystal

21 quest with no element :'(
For me

5 Vaults = 5 Artifacts

Light mithril coif
Light mithril cuirass
Ring of impetuosity
Wizard cap
Chain helmet
need 2 pumpkins to finish opening all vaults.
have 18 extra snowflakes :(
That's nice
All are good artifacts :)
Need 2 stars.to complete all vaults ,have 5 extra firs :(

Good thing is I enrolled only in productions today $_$ :P
That's bad
Me too earning some extra snowflakes
am getting 1 snowflake for evry other trinket.
40 victories - 22 snowflakes in all
^Woah :O
my multi badly need smowflakes :(
looks like the admins are silently playing game on me and have fun
spiral, congo on reaching lv 10
Congrats :)
finally, Niranjan is having a life
A whole page without him
I'm I dreaming O_o
Oh :O
thanks anony and ur_end_is here =)
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