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wizards need darkness ability


Authorwizards need darkness ability

i think wizard need darkness magic because he is "wizard"

Forgot to put my point earlier. There is not much in name, atleast for admins.
De are said to be masters of chaos but they have less talents in chaos magic than others. DE need 8 talent points to learn a darkness skill, knights need just 8 for darkness talents. DE need 8 talent points to learn a darkness skill, knights need just 8 for darkness talents
DE are not the only example but I can only remember this now.
lol the word wizard itself tells magic master so wizards should learn all magic spells as they depend on their spell power unlike other faction depend on attack

so +1
All factions are balanced .. :) it depends on how u play them .. :)

Wiz do not need darkness at all .. :) They need chaos magic to strike enemies directly and holy magic to support friends .. also nature if they want to play mights .. :)
In fact Giants are much stronger than GREEN dragons (if you want to compare these). Giants deal 40-70 instead of only 30-50, thats FAR more! Same attack-parameter, but Giants have even more defense.

The speed, initiative and abilities makes green dragons better....
aah yea wizards need darkness magic,,,,,,,,then why to leave might talents ?? add them too, make wizard the only faction with all the talents... and may i suggest to remove talent wheel from other factions ???? ...... come on dude think before creating a post and do some research you will find out all the factions are balanced...
And all the factions have their specific talents for some reasons, game developers are not just some random guys creating random stuff...don't make mockery of their work......:P
my opinion is that as they are "wizards".So they must be given darkness magic
If u all want to know .. that might wiz .. often win in Duels and CG .. :) see Naviron .. he does it .. :)

So no need might talents and darkness magic .. they are created like that to give balance to each other .. :) So enjoy .. :)
that might wiz .. often win in Duels and CG
not really. i regularly get my bottom kicked....

On topic though, I do think wizards don't live up to their name. Dark elves are far more terrifying chaos casters, elves are much better nature casters, knights way cheaper holy casters, and necros are darkness casters (comm'on! random casting is just ridiculous).
So, at least wiz is better caster than demons...

Should change the name of wizard into "Running elemental", cuz that's pretty much were all wizard essence is...

PS: If wiz don't need darkness, then there won't be any harm/change to add it right?...
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