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I have been cheated of 3000gold

AuthorI have been cheated of 3000gold
darknight37 cheated me of my 3000 gold,he claimed that he was going to buy some weapons and items with the money.As i saw that he had 0 gold,i took pity on him and gave him 3000 gold,failing to notice how much he had betted on roulette.I played one battle and i went back to check on him.I saw that he was wearing the same items as he was wearing before i gave him 3000gold.I saw that all the gold was gone and his roulette bets turned from 58 673 to 61 673 and he did not have any money left.Please do something to help me.
You did a bit of mistake. Since you didn't write in the transfer description : Loan, the 3000 gold you gave him could be considered as a gift.

Here is the transfer log of darknight37:


The transfer log shows he has taken gold from many players.
The admins can't give you your gold back, but he can be fined.
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