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[Sell] [Master hunter & Hunter arts][Full dura]

Author[Sell] [Master hunter & Hunter arts][Full dura]
Selling Master Hunter and Hunter arts

MH bone helmet(9 dura) -600 gold
MH amulet -1700 gold
MH sabre(2 pieces) -1000 for each piece
MH jackboots -800 gold
Hunter Pendant(2 pieces)- -250 gold for full dura,150 for 5 dura.

Prices are below Market price...and are negotiable as well...
PM me if interested...
if u buy all....the cost is reduced to 5200...
Amulet sold out.
hunter boots for sale
full dura and much cheaper than market
why dont u make ur own thread..??
closed by Stupefy (2012-07-09 13:27:01)
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