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[Sell][MH and Hunter arts][10/10]

Author[Sell][MH and Hunter arts][10/10]
PM with the price you would wish to pay.

I have the following with full durability:
Master hunter cutlass
Master hunter bow*2
Master hunter dagger*2
Master hunter helmet
Master hunter ring of dexterity

Hunter bow
Hunter boots
Hunter Glove

Sorry for new thread, forgot to update previous one.
[Player banned by moderator Schwarzenegger until 2012-11-29 05:36:58 // Violation of LR 3. Warning.]
Local rule 6//Threads containing offers for sale without prices and/or offering buyers to contact sellers for details are not allowed in trade forums.

So, please post your expected price as well or the thread will be closed
closed by ElfPride (2012-11-28 18:49:17)
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