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#645 Devlish Eye of the Thundering Dragon

Author#645 Devlish Eye of the Thundering Dragon
Technical clan for CG level 13.

Home of Mighty and Magical Commanders of Combat Level 12.

1 - Shud be CL 13
2 - Shud be an active CG player
3 - Pay compulsory 500 gold for invite (Send the gold + PM to the leader)
4 - Shud not use CG for low faction raising (use your best faction, or at least competitive)
5 - Shud use a PvP-oriented build in CG, thus not abusing your teammates' time and arts. Honestly intend to win!

Our aim is to gather an Elite group of Commanders who will fight with and against each other is spirit of brotherhood and enjoy the game with players of equal skill and intellectual level.

PS: If you want to raise low faction, we can't help you! We are of the belief that CG was not meant for raising low faction (not in GB at least).
Go raise faction first, and after you have raised, please come back. We will take you in, and fight together then!
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