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If you have been hacked.

AuthorIf you have been hacked.
0. In 100% of "hack" cases, the victim is considered guilty for letting the hacker have the password through either folly or carelessness, or even by directly breaking rule 3.7. of the general rules. So please note, the team does not owe you anything; it is pointless to go off into hysterics or blame it on the Administration. If you really count on any help, you need to pull yourself together.

1. When a player becomes hacked, or the team has suspicions about that fact, characters may be blocked (sometimes, the owner does not even know that his or her password is already leaked). This allows saving the victim's funds. If you find out that your character is blocked, and the comment for block is "Hacked"+player nickname, then either you were sent funds of a hacked player, or your character has been hacked, or you are the hacker.

2. The following characters are beyond salvation:
- below combat level 5;
- password was lost when buying/trading/selling characters;
- password was lost through phishing (you thought it would be so smart to enter your password to an outside resource and get oh so much free gold);
- password was lost when trying to use "bots" or "cheat codes" (just another form of phishing, in the end);
- if player's IP changes very often (which indicates he or she plays at computer clubs etc. and there is no certitude the hack will not occur again);
- owner is engaged in financial assist;
- owner has specified a non-existing email during registration or doesn't remember the email.

3. If your character is clear of the above, contact Arctic or Lexa:
Describe your situation, do not forget to include the link to your character.
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