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#3304 Ukraine. Force of the South [military clan]

Author#3304 Ukraine. Force of the South [military clan]
Ukraine. The Force of the South
I`m the ambassador of the “Ukraine. Force of the South” military clan (MC). Our MC is a member of Ukrainian Clans Allice. Our Allice is one of the most powerful unions in heroeswm.ru server. Here, in Force of the South we represent mainly the southern part of our country. Not all of our members live in the southern part of Ukraine. We even have people living far away in foreign countries. We are happy to welcome anyone, with no regards for race and nationality. We don’t care about politics, we only care to make our clan comfortable for people to play together and fight together. We don’t take taxes. Currently, we only take 5000 for the invitation. 12 and higher levels can be invited for free! If you have any questions, please mail me via Private Mail service.
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[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // Bumping the thread more than once in 24 hours.]
We own 3 areas on the map, creating 25 000 of gold profit daily!
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Members of our MC can rent artifacts for special prices!
+ rent discount from Noldor!
Join our clan and help us ti become better!
We finished this event on 39-th place in the chart and we want more! We are not ukrainian-olny clan. We have players from other countries and we are forming an English-speaking group in our MC. We already have experience with devin_2011, which helped us a lot in this event. Join us and fight in organized and fully equipped teams. Also our goal is friendship and we always help each other. Clan is able to provide you with loans for building a castle and buying artifacts.
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