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[Military Clan] #2304 IV legion of Elfius

Author[Military Clan] #2304 IV legion of Elfius
Here 5 years ElfiuS is on service of Empire. Objective of the given subject matter - the information on our clan, our policy and, certainly, responses of Legionaries on a game life in our family.

..... In Empire there is only one order is order ElfiuS!
Our objective Empire also is unique objective in game!
http: // www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php? id 2304 - the link on our clan

In a clan players 10 levels, the introduction 35000 gold strike root
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // LR#6.1//Bumping the thread more than once in 24 hours.]
For convenience Members of a clan fighting clan ElfiuS it is created:
- *2301 I legion of Elfius
- *2302 II legion of Elfius
- *2303 III legion of Elfius
- *2304 IV legion of Elfius
- *5588 XI legion of Elfius
Five fighting legions for protection of honour of clan ElfiuS and possibilities of carrying out of comfortable fights of any fighting level of players in Events for Empire.
- *2305 V legion of Elfius
For convenience of dialogue and the help to All girls of a clan:)
You our one of the basic achievements and treasures:)
- *2309 IX legion of Elfius
For fast dialogue of all masters ElfiuS and convenience to members of a clan in searches of the Master of the weapon, the reservation or the jeweller.
- *2310 X legion of Elfius
For the organization of comfortable fights between members of a clan.
Player banned by moderator ElfPride until 2013-01-23 15:42:11 // LR#6.1//Bumping the thread more than once in 24 hours.!Clans!
ElfiuS is a clan on structure reminding absolute monarchy in which chapter costs KPV, the chapter and the founder of a clan. We do not discuss orders, we carry out them.
ElfiuS - at the same time it completely a free clan, we do not collect taxes, we do not speak as properly:) to play, our problem to help members of a clan to find the seat in a clan and to receive the maximal pleasure (fan) from stay in game LWM. We have an objective and all is directed on its achievement.
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