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#1180 Pautina [Military Clan]

Author#1180 Pautina [Military Clan]
In the Empire, from the beginning of time, there was a secret brotherhood "Pautina" (Web). Fraternity life has always been shrouded in mystery and the only decent to join. Kept by a secret brotherhood oath of initiation. Join the Brotherhood has no right to talk about it to anyone, even the closest people, and invite the brotherhood can only be members of the board of the "Pautina" (Web). Brotherhood is not without reason that name - his solidarity and unity of the fortress like web patterns, the most durable material in nature. "Pautina" (Web) is invisible and weightless - so to achieve their goals fraternity ever goes ahead, every action of the "Pautina" (Web) elegantly and subtly - the enemies are unaware of the danger until he is caught in the intricate lace, from which they will not escape. Innumerable ways of brotherhood - where intrigue and cunning, and where courage and honest blade produces "Pautina" (Web) victory.

Conditions of entry:
1. Achievement in the game 10 th combat level.
If you wish to fight under the auspices of the clan, but does not match the first point - welcome to our academy.
2. A complete set of market artifacts on the level. Availability of craft is welcome.
3. A purely private matter. The absence of large fines, more debt, gambling addiction.
4. Mandatory registration system skype. You will be added to the clan-chat.
5. The buildup of the character according to your level. More: http://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/k_voprosu_o_prokachke (!Russian!)
6. Mandatory compliance with the Charter of the Clan.
7. Adequacy. Having a sense of humor is welcome :)

Features of our Clan:
1. InsideClan system "Network." Unique in its kind.
2. Formal training and fighting with other clans, as well as competition in the guild under the banner of "Pautina" (Web).
3. Profitable repair blacksmiths as well as craft items exclusively.
4. Create InsideClan funds necessary for the development of the prolific clan, as well as its composition.
5. The unique system of taxes. Free.
6. Chamber of Commerce clan - https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=5151

Sorry for my english, I am from Russia.
FIRST Russian clan topic in Lordswm.com
Vodka, bears, balalaika.
Once we truly Russian flavor
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Good Day, dear friend. You, yes you, need Pautina!
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Greetings Lords and Ladies.

I have the honor to invite you to the famous military clan Pautina (Web).
Military clan Pautina (Web) is a community of players, aimed at winning his place in the Empire.

Together we are strong!

Everyone will get to vodka, bears and balalaika from me)))
I wish you all the best,

dwarf ali-Hazard.
We are from Russia and we are crazy!
We need you, dear Friend.
Everyone will get to vodka, bears and balalaika from me)))
Everyone will get to vodka, bears and balalaika from me)))
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