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[Military Clan] #41 The Valley of Magicians

Author[Military Clan] #41 The Valley of Magicians
Igni et Ferro!

Welcome to new and rough land of RU!

Any Lord (of 8+ lvl) wishing to integrate to a strong and dynamic community of the HWM players is welcome for an interview at #41 (DM, standing for Valley of Magicians).

Information about the Valley of Magicians:
The "Valley of Magicians" battle clan is one of the strongest on the RU server. It hosts the characters of ALL factions of our Empire to play together, to share experiences, and to assist in economic and military affairs

While Valley of the Magicians has no quarrel with the other unions, it is actively involved in the life of the Empire. Every event in the life of the Empire is perceived as a challenge, a challenge to our unity and organization, calling for our capabilities and aspirations! Whatever the gods conceive, however hard it is - Valley is always the first to face it, and so be done with honor!

More detailed and up-to-date information (requirements for candidates, a set of laws, etc.) can be found on the page of the Valley in the game and on the website http://www.heroeswm.ru/clan_info.php?id=41 Valley of Magicians http://magevalley.clan.su

Welcome to the Valley of Magicians!

please ask questions in this thread or on our website, (or drop me a message)
no taxes, credits, we are rich - 80k average daily clan income, dozen enchanted rare sets for rent at low prices, enjoy the game at full speed.

Come on in!
this is how we fight:
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DM, also known as Valley of Wizards, was 4th in the last war ranking
Clan, Valley of Wizards, was set up in April 2007.
The clan became a military one in February 2009.

Today the clan consists of the two military clans and several technical clans
There are 454 active members (in two military clans) and 248 sleeping ones
An average age of the clan member is about 30. We have pretty girls in the clan. Very pretty girls, I must say.
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In order to upgrade general organization and discipline as well as optimize coordination of heroes during military actions, the Order is divided into detachments. A foreigner detachment (legion) is to be created within the Valley of Wizards for the incoming lords.
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